10 Romantic Goo Holidays

Soap Opera News and Updates Jessica Tate and her husband, Chester , are hardly models of fidelity, as their various love affairs result in several family mishaps, including the murder of Peter Campbell , the stepson of her sister Mary . Even though everyone tells Jessica about Chester's continual affairs, she does not believe them until she sees his philandering with her own eyes. While out to lunch with Mary, Jessica spots Chester necking with his secretary, Claire . After a disastrous affair with Peter Campbell, Corinne marries ex-priest Tim Flotsky and gives birth to a baby named Timmy who turns out to be demon-possessed (due to Tim's outraged mother, Flo, cursing the marriage). She later has an affair with Dutch Leitner and then leaves Dunn's River for California to raise Timmy, after Dutch leaves her to get back soap together with Eunice. The show was created, written, and executive produced by Susan Harris, and also executive produced by Paul Junger Witt and Tony